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These interviews were made for The Laura Flanders Show, where I served as communications associate and video editor.

Minneapolis Model to Abolish Police

The Minneapolis City Council’s forthcoming proposal to disband its police department was built on years of activism and resistance to systemic police violence and racism. But while calls to defund the police have only recently gotten popular national attention, this is not a new concept. Minneapolis-based MPD150 has been organizing artists, activists, researchers and local residents since 2015 to strive for a police-free Minneapolis. Community organizer Arianna Nason expands on the MPD150 model to abolish police and reveals why it is imperative to put communities in charge of safeguarding their own public safety.

“We’re not abolishing safety, we’re abolishing the institution that does not keep us safe.”

Reimagining Our Food System

The food system in the US is overdue for a reimagining. Reinforced by a racist economic system, industrial farmers resort to practices that maximize profits but poison both people and the land. Veteran labor activist Dolores Huerta tells Laura that addressing economic injustice is critical to creating a more just food system. More financial opportunities for small farmers, especially Latinx farmers and farmers of color, would mean more local, organic food at affordable prices. Huerta has been at the forefront of the farmworker labor movement since the 1960s. Her lessons from a lifelong career of grassroots organizing are invaluable as we look to reimagine systems of public safety, food and public health.

Covid-19: Public Ownership of Privatized Medicine

Our tax dollars will subsidize the development of a #Covid-19 vaccine so how is it that Americans could still end up paying for it out of pocket? Dana Brown, Director of the Next System Project, describes how we got here and how the public could take back ownership of lifesaving drugs from the pharmaceutical industry.

Jane Fonda on the Future of Climate Justice

The 2020 US presidential election is set to become one of the most defining moments in our country’s history. As progressive voices rally support for a more inclusive and equitable economy amidst a global pandemic, the fight for climate justice also takes center stage. One year after Fire Drill Fridays first ignited the steps of Washington DC, long-time activist, author and award-winning actress Jane Fonda reflects on her role and the power of women who will pave the way to a healthier and cleaner environment. "I have to say it’s in our hands. Women — women rising up now, leading the organizations, leading the movement — will make the difference as to whether we save our democracy and whether we save our planet."

Pre-Election Special with Noam Chomsky

While this program explores the possibilities that go well beyond what can be achieved by one candidate or with one vote — elections do matter and the US 2020 elections are no exception. This week Laura Flanders checks in with one of the leading social critics of our time, MIT professor emeritus, Noam Chomsky. He dives into what's stake in this election — in a time he views as the most dangerous moments in our human history — and stresses the importance of steady activism as a means to progress.

Covid-19 and the Navajo Nation

The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected the Black and Brown populace across the United States but the rates of infection are at their highest within the Navajo Nation. While the U.S. federal government apportioned $600M of the CARES Act funding for the Navajo Nation, the support came with restrictions. Activist and conceptual artist, AJ Goldman offers his reasons for the alarming case count yet views this opportunity to build partnerships with advocates and allies. AJ Goldman is the co-founder of Uncovering America, a platform for social change to spark awareness of distorted historical facts in history books to free humanity from euro-centered supremacist attitude.

IGTV Videos

These IGTV videos were made for The Laura Flanders Show, where I co- produced and video edited them.

Armed With Art


This month is #NationalPoetryMonth, and whether it's poetry of words, music, dance, or vision, the artists & activists behind poetic creation inspire & revitalize our souls, and our entire culture.We celebrate every artist out there for bringing us joy, peace, stillness, and have galvanized us into revolutionary action. With so much given to us through the arts, we must all question the sanity of those who do not reflect this treasure in our local & national budgets and legislation. It's time we start valuing ALL artists for their essential service to our well-being.

Women Are Leading Us Into the Future


Women are the canaries in society's coal mine—especially women of color and women with disabilities. They've had a terrible year, and they're sounding the alarm. Either we listen --and create real, universal health care and genuine criminal, environmental and reproductive justice, or we suffer the violent fallout for generations to come.

Interview to Winona LaDuke


Yesterday, hundreds of activists gathered to protest the #Enbridge #Line3 #Pipeline that will be crossing through several sacred #Indigenous wetlands & watersheds. We spoke with Winona LaDuke from Honor The Earth before this week's #TreatyPeopleGathering day of action.

Women’s History Month


With #WomensHistoryMonth flying by, here at The Laura Flanders Show we believe that women's past, present, and futures should be front and center all year long. Whether it's disability justice, LGBTQ activism, workers' rights, creating radical art, or fighting back against white supremacy & colonialism, women have always been leading the way forward, and raising the alarm for our society.

Could this really be labor’s moment?


Will the #PROAct provide the needed #change and overhaul in the #laborrights?

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